New Artwork and general stuff

Howdy all!
It’s been about a month since we last spoke so UPDATE.
First off there’s a new thing of artwork that I’ll be posting up here. Sketches and a new Harley Quinn who, if you’ve seen her on my instagram or Facebook, already know how lovely she is to me😄
I also am thinking about posting some work in progress(#wip) videos. I been posting these on my instagram and Facebook, so I may post some up.

Lastly as all ways, commissions are OPEN. Please refer to the commissions page for a list of preferences and prices.

Three year difference

Till next time~☆


EWRRRRMAGAWWWD IT’S 2015! (and there’s new art up)

So I am in extreme need to update this place and upload some new artwork that I’ve done over the past few months!

First order of business to inform everyone that I, regretfully, will not be able to attend any conventions this year. Thing basically fell into place this way due a number of cons I was planning to participate in (which were not many, I might add) actually being cancelled as well as my own unprepared-ness in changing around somethings in my inventory and making new goodies to sale. It seems 2015 is not the year for cons for a few folks.


But on a high note, I’ve doing some new works, nearly done with PART ONE of the Of Gods and Of Monsters script ( #ogom) and I have a boyfriend–BOOYAH! So yes, I’ve been quite a busy bee. I also have some new and some semi-new work work to post up.


Lastly, I may be making some changes to the websites artwork section. Just giving it a nice clean up.

Anywho, while I’m doing that….I see you guys on the flipside

Koyuki Panda

Deleting the News page

So it occurred to me that, while I really like my news page, I was doing it wrong. So instead of having a “News” page, I’ll just post new things which will be…the NEWS. Hahaha why I didn’t think of this before….I dont know. I’m just special :p


The old news stories are in my first post, titled “News Recap”.


Thanks :]

News Recap

09.14. 2014

So I thought I uploaded this earlier this month but I guess I didn’t aha. My bad! Anywho–quick update on Otakon and Saikou Con: they were both pretty great (although, I’m not sure if I would do Otakon again, as it was unnecessarily expensive and did not accommodate well). I met a ton of great artists, made friends and did two art trades( at Saikou con)~ sadly Saikon con was my last con for the year. Now to prepare for next year~☆♡☆♡☆ thanks for you guys~ let’s meet again next year.

08. 13. 2014
Otakon was a blast! I had a lot of fun and met a lot of artists including Hamlet Machine of Star fighter! I learned a ton and plan to continue on to the next and final convention of the year (maybe): Saikoucon in PENNSYLVANIA! I’ll update more information as it becomes available. Thanks to everyone for all the support!






05. 02. 2014
Its been alittle while since I last posted. #CPAC2014 wasn’t bad but due to some internal problems with my team…it went so so. But on to the good news: Now that May is here, Of Gods and of Monsters will be debuting soon! The official launch date will on on MAY 10!!!! Please read it. I’ve been working super hard on it and am so excited to see it come to life. It’s going to be updated weekly and have special sketches pertaining to the story and characters.

I’m planning on getting a domain name but I don’t have one yet. If anything, it will happen afterwards, but, as always I’ll keep you updated!

In other news, I’m planning on going to Baltimore, MD for Otakon 2014 in aug! I’ve paid for my table but I’ve just got to tie up some lose ends before anything is finalized. I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on my progress 🙂

04. 06. 2014
It’s only a few hours before Castle Point anime convention in Hoboken. My minions and I have been (and still are) working day and night to prepare! We’ve been making goodies and I’ve been creating prints and artness for you all to enjoy. I really hope to see some folks stop by~
I’ll also be selling and giving away Of Gods and Of Monsters (promo) artwork. Keep on the look out for it. The comic will be officially launched in May 2014! Please make sure you check it out.

Hope to see you at #CPAC2014!

03. 16. 2014
Springfestny 2014 has come and gone! I did a lot of networking and had a lot of fun. Now to get down to work with Castle Point and the promotion of Of Gods and Of Monsters.
I’ll be at castle point anime convention on Sunday April 6th! I’ll have tons of new goodies including some promotional stuff for Of Gods and Of Monsters as well as some small trinkets and other fun stuff! Keep an eye out for updates and thanks a bunch to everyone who came to support me and to my best friend and my sister who came out on the last day of #springfestny to support me.




01. 13. 2014
Lots of good stuff has been happening and I’ve been making alot of moves!

I’m in the process of creating my own comic. It’s called Of Gods and of Monsters (#ogom) and I’ve been working on it for about 7 years now so I’m super excited about the actual comic making process. I want to have a website set up and the first few chapters done before March, which brings me to my next batch of awesome news….

As you all know I’m planning on going to the Castle point anime convention but I also got an email for Spring Fest NY 2014 in Brooklyn, New York! Whoo~! The convention dates are March 15th to 16th. Ill be selling artwork, taking commissions and answering any questions on Of Gods and of Monsters. Hope to see you guys there!

01. 09. 2014
Hey! So a few months ago I was hired by a non-profit organization, by the name of Grassroots Girls Initiative to produce a short graphic novel based on the life of one particular girl whose story was one of female empowerment and over-coming struggles while still empowering other young women to act and avoid the mistakes that this particular girl made. Pretty cool stuff right?? So after revision after revision and drawing and sketching–its finally available to the public! So please enjoy Khadija’s Story:

01. 04. 2014
Hi everyone!!! Happy New Year!

Now that 2014 is here I’ve decided to make some appearances at some conventions this year. The first convention I was approved of so far is the Castle Point Anime Convention 2014 in Hoboken, New Jersey on April 6th 2014 from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm (

I’ll keep you updated on the news as it unfolds!

08. 27.2013
Panda in the process of working on a short graphic novel for a professional company. Stay tuned for more details as they come!

Panda Shop is having its GRAND OPENING tonight! Panda Shop will allow fans and art appreciators to purchase artwork from Panda, including but not limited to commission requests, Of gods and of Monsters artwork and original work! It’s now open and ready for business!

Panda’s Society6 account is also in it’s grand opening stages! Check what’s being sold at

We’re getting a make-over!! Yes, it’s about that time for us to be updated. The site we still be running but there will be some somethings being moved and shifted, changed and replaced! Stay tuned and keep on the lookout for Panda Shop.

Panda Shop, a secondary sister website, will be opening up pretty soon. Panda shop will allow fans and art appreciators to purchase artwork from Panda, including but not limited to commission requests, Of gods and of Monsters artwork and original work! Stay tuned!

Panda will soon be selling art and doing on the spot commissions in the city as a vendor. So if you want a quick sketch commission or want to buy some artwork stay tuned for updates here or on Panda’s facebook @

Panda is creating an account on Society 6, which you can check to buy art and commissions online. Stay tuned for more updates on the completion of the account.

And as always commissions are always available! Just go to the contact page, write a request for a commission and Panda will contact you back for more details and prices.

04.18. 2013
COMMISSIONS COMMISSIONS! Panda just recently took a nude painting commission from a client! More information as the deadline gets closer! Don’t forget we’ve got ourselves a twitter! Check it out! Koyuki Panda’s twitter:

04. 08. 2013
NEW ART! It’s a new year and a new day! We’ve been on hiatus for a while but Panda is back with a vengeance! The site has been updated with new work and some small changes here and there.

Commissions are always available! Just click on the “Contact” button on the toolbar to send an inquiry. Serious inquiries only please!

We’re a little late here but HAPPY NEW YEAR! Now that that’s outta the way there’s new artwork up in the portfolio section.

To all you college students out there: Enjoy your spring break or upcoming spring break.

The holidays are here! Come and get a commission for that special someone or just for yourself. Just click Commissions on the menu bar below to check out the prices for commissions (real life paintings included).

NEW ART! Check out Panda’s portfolio for new art work now up!! Just click portifolio below.

Panda now has a  new contact site, Freelanced:
On freelanced you can hire her or just follow her progress.

Welome  to the grand opening of the Koyuki Panda website!
Panda ‘s “The Compulsive nature of my craft” video is now on both Youtube and here on the site. Go and take a look !

Get involved in Panda’s developing comic of Gods and Of Monsters! The comic website coming soon!

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